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Driving Directions from the West:

You will take I-84 through LaGrande, Oregon. (LaGrande is the last stop for filling your gas tank and shopping for groceries before arriving.) Leave the freeway on Exit 285 at North Powder and follow signs towards Haines, Oregon. One mile prior to Haines turn right onto Cemetery Lane.

Travel six miles straight ahead, west toward the mountains. Cemetery Lane is gravel for 2 miles, then you come to Anthony Lake Highway and 1/4 mile further, (Be careful here, the turn is tricky) Muddy Creek Lane goes straight while Anthony Lake Highway turns right. You want to go straight. Those who turn right where they should go straight are never heard from again.

Continue to follow Muddy Creek Lane until finally you have no choice but to turn right, onto Foothill Road, then travel ¼ mile to Little Muddy Creek Lane, left turn and go ¾ miles and you are at Orville Chandler Ranch. Whew!

If you don’t follow these directions, you may find Big Muddy Creek Lane and fall off the edge of the earth.